Deepex 2014: report from the Freediving and Spearfishing Show – 2nd Edition in Athens

A really unmissable event, rich of news and with an incredible crowd, it’s just ended in Greece. Deepex 2014 -at its second edition- has immediately demonstrated to have the right staff to represent Freediving and Spearfishing in the Greek territory and at the international level.

Great crowd of many exhibitors to propose several equipment brands; from little emergent artisans with excellent products to the main companies projected towards an international market always more competitive, but above all that’s growing up. Suits, spearfishing guns, fins and accessorizes for each enjoinment and need, always in a research and satisfaction mood for a market continuosly renewing and that always is searching for the last new thing.

It was so important the presence of teaching agencies mainly representative for abroad Freediving, like SSI Freediving and Aida proposing courses, stages and teaching itineraries aimed to not necessarily to competition, but on the contrary to a detailed spread of Freediving.


The stand of Freedive Greece gave a strong effect at the show, organized from the charming group composed by Vassilis Garoutsos, Stefanos Kontos and the great champion Manolis Giankos, who thanks to their presence have contributed to create a friendly and warm atmosphere also for our staff of Katabasis Freediving Center coming to present the Sailing and Spearfishing Cruises (Explore Greece).

Important presence was also of the great champion Linda Paganelli of Freedive Dahab, who thanks to her experience has contributed to give also more interest about the show, proposing also the a speech as for compensation, very appreciated and clapped.

Excellent organization and marvellous location, Athens, a city in which if you close your eyes for a little while it’s also possible to hear echos of a majestic past.


See you soon at the next edition!

Carlo Boscia

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