KATABASIS FREEDIVING CENTER – PORTOFINO (ITALY) offers SSI Freediving courses led by Instructors and Trainers with over 12 years of experience within the sector. A professional, fun and well equipped environment offers everything you need for those approaching this fantastic world for the first time. Courses are Ideal for both beginners and those who are already certified. We also do cross over from other recognized freediving agencies.
Participation in SSI Freediving Apnea courses include:

Corso Apnea SSI Freediving Katabasis Portofino

  • teaching materials (guide, log book, video)
  • certificate (if standards required are met)
  • theoretical sessions, breathing and relaxation
  • open water training sessions
  • pool
  • use of MARES equipment


2 sessions of 2,5 hours (2 confined water, theory and relaxation) € 180
The Basic course gives you the opportunity to know the most important aspects of recreational freediving. Enrolling on this apnea course is the best way to easily and gradually approach the world of Freediving without any ambitions or expectations regarding time and depth, and with the excitement of discovery!
Date: from MAY to OCTOBER
Fee: € 180

Corso SSI Freediving livello 1

4 sessions of 3 hours (3 open water session, theory and relaxation + 1 pool) € 270
Level 1 course is the first step into the underwater world discovering diaphragmatic breathing. During the course you will acquire correct techniques and knowledge enabling you to freedive depths up to 20 meters in the most ‘relaxed’ and confident way possible. You will be introduced to basic equalization techniques and will acquire more thoracic flexibility in order to improve your ability to adapt within the sea environment.
The POOL certification will be issued if just the deep skills required are not met.
Date: from MAY to OCTOBER
Fee: € 270

Corso Apnea SSI Freediving level 2

6 sessions of 3 hours (4 open water session, theory and relaxation + 2 pool) € 310
Level 2 course will provide you with additional knowledge of the mammalian diving reflex and the responses that your body and your mind can give. You will learn new equalization techniques and training methods to help you to freedive in a much more conscious way reaching depths of up to 30 meters. From here on you start to get serious about freediving without losing the primary goal of apnea: Fun!
To be certified at level 2 the is required.
Date: from MAY to OCTOBER
Fee: € 310

Corso Apnea SSI Freediving level 3

8 sessions of 3 hours (5/6 open water session, theory and relaxation + 2/3 pool) € 360
This is the highlight of the SSI Freediving program. Level 3 course takes you on a journey to discover your potential and your boundaries. Evolved equalization (reverse packing and mouth fill), correct free fall, constant weight and free immersion, rescue, use of the lanyard and much much more. The limit is set at a depth of 40 meters and always needs to be achieved with self-confidence and awareness, freediving to the limit of your residual volume. The course is suitable for those who want to train to compete or pursue a career as an instructor.
Date: from MAY to OCTOBER
Fee: € 360

To participate in the SSI FREEDIVING COURSES the following are required:

  • association card (€ 30)
  • medical certificate