In collaboration with the big names of the Apnea, Katabasis Freediving Center – Portofino organizes stage and freediving workshops to improve skills and increase freediving awareness. Alternating dry theoretical sessions with outings at sea, the participants are accompanied in a dimension of growth and internalization of the topics covered.

Stage Workshop Apnea Katabasis Portofino
Stage Workshop Apnea Katabasis Portofino

Katabasis Freediving Center Mares SSI
The internships that have been proposed in recent years:
Lorenzo Manfredini – Mental training and apnea
William Trubridge – Constant trim training and underwater frog
Federico Mana – YogApnea; Workout in comfort
Marina Kazankova – Psychological preparation for Apnea
Martin Zajac – Preparation for deep apnea
Carlo Boscia – Compensation; Apnea fishing; Breathing

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